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Having a supportive community around your chosen activity – whether it’s weight lifting, cycling, running, or any other type of exercise – can keep you motivated, push you to work out harder, and encourage you to stay committed to your fitness goal. No one better understands your fitness struggles than someone with similar goals.

A support network of people who want you to succeed is exactly what you need to keep going.

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Good trainers possess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to design for you a safe and effective fitness programs. Getting a good fitness trainer  will make it easier and fun through your fitness journey.


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Fitness profession is a growing and essential part of the allied health industry. So, the need for exercise professionals training and certifications. The quality of a trainer is based on accredited certification.

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The KENYA FITNESS COMMUNITY site aims to promote and develop the diversity of Kenyan Fitness through networking and bringing everyone together with a passion for Kenyan Fitness from every corner of the country.

It is a forum to chat, exchange ideas, educate and inspire each and every one of us to utilize Kenyan culture as a creative tool for learning and development in our fitness community. This will enable us to create fitness and dance that is rooted in the past, and relevant to the present, innovate and lay the foundation for the future.

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